Friday, April 4, 2008

World's Greatest Post-Meal Freebies

 I dined at Beijing of Greenbelt. The meal was satisfying--as good as can be expected of Chinese food prepared for American tastes. What stunned me was what we got with the bill and the usual fortune cookie: orange sherbet and a hot towel! The sherbet did a fine job of cleansing my palate, but the HOT TOWEL stumped me. I'm from middle-class Prince George's County, MD. I'd heard of hot towels, thanks mostly to Adam Sandler's first-class seat in The Wedding Singer, but I still had to ask what to do with a hot towel. I was told to wash my hands with it, but I proceeded to cover my face, sucking in that sinus-opening hot, humid air. Ahhhhh. Beijing may be in my future's travel plans....
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Men In The Bathroom

P&G Old Greenbelt [Movie] Theatre Presents...Stickers
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