Monday, September 28, 2009

Dust As You Walk!

It's magic!
Found by our correspondent in Shreveport, LA, Ms. R. Roach!

The Green Exterminator

Green exterminator: an oxymoron.

1/2 Step Above Skid Row

Bush On Wheels

You can even tow it!


I ordered pastitcio at Plato's Diner. Clearly, it's the IT! food.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rugged Wearhouse, Part 7

Rugged Wearhouse, College Park, MD

Rugged Wearhouse, Part 6

I will never let my any fellow human wear a shoe such as this. The shoe is so long that my camera could not take it all in: I offer an artist's representation to visualize this shoe in its full glory.
Rugged Wearhouse, College Park, MD

Rugged Wearhouse, Part 5

I ♥ Sunday: The day is veryfine!! [sic]
Rugged Wearhouse, College Park, MD

Rugged Wearhouse, Part 4

Pimp shoes redux. Purple velvet/felt. Note the theft-prevention device. Rugged Wearhouse, College Park, MD

Rugged Wearhouse, Part 3

Rugged Wearhouse, College Park, MD

Rugged Wearhouse, Part 2

Pimp shoes. Originally $59.99. Now only $19.99! Features include "genuine" leather, side zipper, and square-tip toe box, elongating the appearance of the length of the foot by at least 5 sizes. "Styled In Italy." Rugged Wearhouse, College Park, MD

Rugged Wearhouse, Part 1

These pants left me utterly speechless. The red card includes a credo that the purchaser is asked to sign, pledging commitment to the lifestyle these jeans represent. I'm still trying to determine what that lifestyle is. Rugged Wearhouse, College Park, MD

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bunny's Box

One Day's Worth Of Beverage Boy's Containers

Clockwise from my wrist:
►Steel cup for cold beverages
►Canteen for mixing cold beverages
►Mug for hot beverages
►Tea-leaf spitoon

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gather 'Round The Penis Corral

To accommodate the thousands of male fans at a University of Maryland football game, the penis corral is put into service. Yes, the men simply walk up, do their business, and stare at the wall, making absolutely NO eye contact with ANYTHING other than the wall. Trust me.

Classic Touch

If you look closely, the logo for the Classic Touch line of quality stadium-restroom products is the capital of a column. Now I'm pretty sure the ancient Greeks did not have soap. I could be wrong.

Sauce. Just Sauce.

University of Maryland football game.

Old Bay All The Way!

University of Maryland football game condiment stand: OLD BAY.

Steve In A Suit

If you see me in a suit, it's either a funeral, a wedding, or a job interview. You can now add special holy events, too. This one was held at a truck stop.

Spotted Dick

From Heinz!
Submitted by our correspondent and beloved brother-in-law in Hawai'i, Jay Sokolowski!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nutty Buddies!

In middle school, nutty buddies were so popular, the lunch-room bullies would put their finger on your dessert and ask, "You want that?" We learned quickly to take a bite out of it before getting to a table. My colleague's wife made these. AWESOME.

How To Dress

Wild Mountain!

Yet another Mountain Dew ripoff!
Found by R. Roach, Shreveport, LA!

Welsh Rarebit: Supermarket Gleanings #1039

Craveable Classics.
Found by R. Roach, Shreveport, LA